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IP video intercom system

广东11选5遗漏图:IP video intercom system

model:KNZD-42 IPC

IP video intercom system is the choice,when it comes to designing a functional and effective communication or security system for commercial applications.Video door telephone, is now designed to protect the apartment, private residential, residential area access control, and visiting video telephone.Especially in the apartment, Apartment video door telephone can clearly see the visiting face .
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广东11选5综合走势图 www.5ftm.cn IP video intercom system

KNZD-42  IP Video intercom system

     Whether you are looking for a large ip  video intercom system for an apartment or a video intercom phone for a private residence, we can help you choose and customize your products. Provides video intercom telephone security products in the design of simple, technical excellence, reliability unparalleled. We have our own factory, research and development, market, after-sales service, video is absolutely guaranteed.


 ?SIP V1/V2(RFC2543/RFC3261)

    ?One speed dial Key

    ?Integrated Numeric Keypad

    ?Support PoE(802.3af)

    ?DTMF Switch control




          supports SIP 2.0 platform,effective inter connection and inter working with the mainstream IPPBX manufacturers

       ?High-end chip

          Equipped with the latest Reliable chip set

       ?Carrier standard voice

           Full duplex hands- free speaker phone,carrier standard voice

       ?Flexible of lock approach

           passwords , DTMF Switch control

       ?A key t o call

           One Speed dial Key

       ?Multiparty calls

           Holding/waiting 3 ways call /conference

       ?Easy installation

           integration into the existing LAN

       ?Visitors leave a message

           Provide access to the message and playback message through the SIP phone

       ?Simple maintenance

           support online software upgrades and web management way

       ?Protective level

           IP53 against dust, water, and mechanical damage

Target Groups

  Business: offices, shopping areas

       Education: universities, campuses, schools, sports areas

       Healthcare: hospitals, laboratories,Pharmaceutical factory

       Logistics & Transportation: airports, parking lots or garages

       Industries: factories,product center


IP video intercom system design

support sip 2.0 for apartment or home security   KNZD-42

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