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Video RFID doorphone

广东11选5现场视频:Video RFID doorphone


KNZD-52V VoIP camera RFID keypad button
Video RFID doorphone, RFID is an easy to operate, simple and practical and is especially suitable for the flexibility of application technology for automation control, identify work without manual intervention, it can support the read-only mode can also support reading and writing work mode.
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video RFID Doorphone

KNZD-52V Video RFID doorphone

      Video RFID doorphone is the most widely used access control system in residential apartments. The access control system can use an RFID card to control access to the access control, and can also use the keyboard on the access control to enter a password for access control.We specializing in the production and sales of Stainless steel sip doorphone audio intercom with RFID card support password to open the door for home security.


       *Supper good sound clarity during conversation

       *Support standard Session Initiation Protocol(SIP), RFC 3261

       *Remote software upgrade, configuration and mornitoring

       *Power over Ethernet(PoE,802.3af), local 12V DC

       *IP66 vandal resistant marine grade stainless steel faceplate

       *LED indicator

       *Echo cancellation

       *Password, RFID card, Video, Remote program       

video RFID Doorphone 

Model KNZD-52V
Construction Robust aluminium alloy die-cast body stainless steel face plate
Dimensions(W*H*D) Unit size: 235*131*78.7mm; Carton size each box:32.5*18*13.5cm/G.W.: 2.3kg
Weight 2.3kg
Operating Temperature -40°F to +158°F/ -40℃ to +70℃
Relative Humidity Up to 95% non-condensing
Protection IP66, vandal-resistant and water-resistant design
Communication Full duplex 2-way hands-free communication
Call Control Signaling SIP(RFC compliant), SIP Info(DTMF), RFC 2833(DTMF)
Audio Codes G.711, G.722, G.729
Camera Image Sensor OV9712
Total Pixels 480P 15fps
Min. illumination 0.1lux
Field of view 150° horizontal Opposite angles 170°
Lens 2.75mm
Framerate 15fps, 30fps, MJPEG, H.264
Streamine Dual-stream at different frame rate and bandwidth
ONVIF compliant Yes
Power Power over Ethernet, IEEE802.3af, Class 0 Local power, 12VDc,Idle 2W, Max 10W
Auxiliary Contacts 1 Aux Output, dry contact
Contact Ratings
Load: Resistive load
Rated load:0.3 A at 125 VAC; 1 A at 30 VDC
Rated carry current:1A
Max.switching voltage:125 VAC,60VDC
Max.switching current:1A
Network 10/100 BaseTX Ethernet, RJ45 connectors, Cat5e or better
LAN Protocols Power over Ethernet(PoE,802.3af), WLAN(IEEE 802.3af), Network Access Control(IEEE 802.1x),STP(IEEE 802.1d), RSTP(IEEE 802.1d-2004)
Programming Non-volatile flash memory programming and configuration through Web GUI
Management and Operation DHCP and static IP, remote automatic software upgrade, centralized monitoring, status LED
Echo cancellation code G.167/G.168


Size & Packing

video RFID Doorphone

      Kntech standard export carton packing

      Unit size: 235*131*78.7mm;  N.W.: 2.3kg; 

      1pc carton:32.5*18*13.5cm;  N.W.: 2.3kg; G.W.: 2.6kg 

      4pcs carton: 37*35*27cm;  G.W.: 8.7kg

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