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Industrial explosion-proof telephone

广东11选5走势图基本走势图:Industrial explosion-proof telephone

material:SMC(Sheet Molding Compound)

Explosion-proof telephone KNEX2
Industrial explosion-proof telephone is made of composite new material, the whole mold is shaped, the design is simple and generous, the wall thickness of 10MM is strong and thick can prevent heavy blows and knocks. Unique anti-aging properties, anti-corrosion, waterproof, moisture-proof, high temperature and low temperature resistance, flame retardant and insulation, especially suitable for all industrial scenarios.The explosion proof telephone meets the international IP66 requirements; Product performance is stable and reliable.
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广东11选5综合走势图 www.5ftm.cn Industrial explosion-proof telephone

Industrial explosion-proof telephone KNEX-2

      The explosion-proof housing of the explosion-proof telephone is made of glass fiber and sprayed with static electricity. Explosion-proof telephone set, the handle is made of outdoor public telephone handle, the handle rope is made of outdoor public telephone metal jacket electric cable, the circuit components are purchased and manufactured according to the outdoor standard, and the circuit is treated with strict explosion-proof and protective treatment. Explosion-proof telephone can be used with anti-noise handle (also known as explosion-proof anti-noise telephone), which can make the call more clear in high noise environment.


        Analogue telephone matching with most PABX, PBX and PAX system

        Robust body vandal resistant

        Busy tone detection for auto release the line if line busy

        Dry contact for external control automation

        Auto answer

        Full Soft lock: only dial out from phone book 50 memory address number

        Half soft lock: limit to dial out starting number, e.g. “00852” area code

        High temperature approval

        Ring sound 95 dB dfd in 1 m and 10 ringing tone melodies selectable

        Listening by loudspeaker: 70dB in 1m

        Phone book memory: 50 address ( name & number) programmable

        Stainless steel keypad for dial and manuel

        Magnetic reed hook-switch

        Telephone line powered. No external power or battery required



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