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Fire alarm telephone

广东11选5360专家杀号:Fire alarm telephone

material:stainless steel body

Fire-alarm-telephone KNZD-41
Fire alarm system can be used with the bus controller, centralized management, easy maintenance, long transmission distance, strong expansion performance, a board card has two loops.A loop can connect 198 points, or it can be used alone.The trigger of Fire alarm telephone lamp is optional, including manual alarm (breaking fire box glass) and Fire alarm monitoring , which is mainly through smoke sensor gas Body sensor, flame sensor to achieve.We are the manufacturer of Sos ip waterproof telephone fire protection telephone Emergency telephone Vandal resistan telephone for Highway , Railway
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Fire alarm telephone

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KNZD-41 fire alarm telephone

          We are the manufacturer of  Sos ip waterproof telephone fire protection telephone Emergency telephone Vandal resistan telephone for  Highway , Railway. The Fire Telephone will be designed to work on Railway, metro, tunnel, etc. Housed in robust metal sus304 die case with door, it will offer protection against the outdoor environment, vandals resistance and rot resistance.The unit will meet all the latest European/UK standards for EMC and US FCC, telephony, waterproofing IP66, and lightening protection together with offering the level of performance and reliability demanded in such an environment.

     Machine size: 70*43*30cm   
     Carton size: 80*50*43cm
     Packaging material: pearl cotton, carton
     Gross weight: 28 KG
     Net weight: 26KG

Telephone features
      1.  Robust metal sus304 body. 
      2.  dustproof keypad flash mountsd.
      3.  Weather resistant to IP65 or IP66 standard, service temperature range from:-30℃ to +75℃
      4.  Magnetic reed hook-switch
      5.  Telephone line powered.
      6.  Lightening protection to ITU-T recommendation K.21
      7.  Handset: made of special engineering plastic, high anti-knock resistance, Weatherproof, armoured cable optional,   
      8.  Hearing Aid compatible receiver, Noise canceling microphone.
      9.  Auto off. When detect buzy tone , the phone will auto off to release line to avoid engage. 
      10.  Selectable 7 minute time out, to release the line if the handset is left off hook.
      11.  Vandal resistant and tamper-resistant hardware,
      12.  Easy installation/ replacement.
      13.  Adjustable ringer and volume control optional.


      1. Robust aluminium alloy die-cast body stainless steel face plate. 

      2. Weather resistant to IP65 or IP66 standard,service temperature range from -35 to +75℃ 

      3. Dust proof keypad flash mounted. 

      4. Magnetic reed hook-switch and handset made of special engineering plastic, high anti-knock resistance ,weatherproof , armoured cable optional. 

      5. Lightening protection to ITU-T recommendation K.21. 

      6. POE power supply or DC12V. 

      7. Hearing aid compatible receiver, noise canceling microphone. 

      8. Support standard Session Initiation Protocol(SIP), RFC 3261. 

      9. Calling indoor extension for two-way conversation. 

      10. Support echo cancellation. 

      11. Remote software upgrade, configuration and monitoring. 

      12. Optional 7 minute time out to release the line if the other hand hang up. 

      13. Easy installation/replacement. 

      14. Vandal resistant and tamper-resistant hardware. 

      15. The housing covered with a layer of reflective label for easy identification at night.Optional 

      16. Application: Tunnel, metro, railway, LRT, speedway, marine, ship,offshore, mine, power plant, bridge etc.

Main PCB

     Well treated PCB used inside the phone.
     Robust screw terminals used for the connection of ringer, handset, line in, hookswitch.
     Selectable 7 minute time out, to release the line if the handset is left off hook.
     All connectors be greased in production.


Fire alarm monitoring

     Standard and SMART Analogue and VoIP-SIP options available
     DTMF(Dual Tone Multi Frequency)
     Matching with most PABX,PBX and PAX systems.

     Kirk electro dynamic transducer for both handset transmitter and receiver
     Spring cable or armoured cable to attach the handset to the telephone main unit
     Stainless steel cable to connect exchange.
     Inductive coupler fitted for hearing aid compatibility.



     Connection type:RJ45 Socket inside sealed enclosure Power supply : External 5V dc
     Power supply : External 5V dc
     Call set-up Protocol : Session Initiation Protocol(SIP)
     Configuration : DHCP or STATIC IP address provisioning


Fire alarm telephone
        For the light and ip address status of the fire phone you can use the KNTECH telephone zmanagement system (TSS-1000), this system is design for control office to monitor the fire telephone and emergency call phone in real time to make sure all the phone station are in good working status. Ensure the control office know immediately if one telephone broken and can send someone out to repair it.
        Fire telephone and TSS-1000 system communication at intervals , so you can use this mecha nism to monitor the light status of the fire telephone, also you can monitor the status of keypa d ,handset ,handset cord, microphone, telephone box, buzzer or others . Detail on symbols, icons and color codes to identify objects monitoring status design for easy operation.
Combined Function
        1.When the glass broken, the number "1" triggers 518, the number "2" is 518 turns on the loc al light, and the number "3" report to TSS-1000 through the switch, TSS-1000 will change fro m warning 1.When the glass broken, the number "1" triggers 518, the number "2" is 518 turns on the local light,and the number "3" report to TSS-1000 through the switch, TSS-1000 will c hange from warning .status to alarm status, TSS-1000 will show the phone that triggering alar m action, meanwhile, the number"4" will be notify other KNZD-41 to act digital " 5 ” turn on the lights alarm by TSS-1000. 
        2. When the glass broken, all the KNZD-41 are in the alarm status. It can be forcibly turn off all alarm sounds and lights on the TSS-1000 interface. Click the corresponding buttons, the number "6" notify all KNZD-41 to stop alarm . But when the broken glass been repaired, it need to re-click the button on TSS-1000 interface to turn on the alarm monitoring function, otherwise, TSS-1000 will forbid all alarm monitoring function of KNZD-41, without any action. 
        3. When broken glass of the alarming KNZD-41 been repaired , the number "1" is trigger 518, the number "2" is 518 turn off the LAMP, at the same time, the number "2" report to TSS- 1000 through the switch, TSS-1000 will from alarm status to alert status, it will shows returning to alert status on TSS-1000. 
        In this case, there are two situation for all other KNZD-41:
         A: If carried out as above 2 nd that forcibly turn off the alarming, the other KNZD-41 will back to alert status, 
         B: If do not carried out as above 2 nd that forcibly turn off the alarming one TSS-1000 software interface. when the broken glass of alarming KNZD-41 been repaired, and then TSS-1000 received the information that alarming KNZD -41 already been repaired, TSS- 1000 will notify the other KNZD-41 to execute the digital "6" action and return to the alert status.
Fire alarm telephone
        The system is highly reliable.simply installed and operation.just running the TSS-1000 in your computer. Its an good idea to working with KNTECH telephone, command server also workin g with SIEMENS/AVAYA/HUAWEI/ZTE/ALCATEL/NEC.and any brand. 
        Remark: Fire telephone can provide dry contact to work with your fire control panel.

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